With more than 25 years of hand-on experience in the plywood manufacturing process, EU NIAN is today one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of fully automated system for Plywood Industry. Innovative design, advance technology and state-of-the-art knowledge-based system have made the entire product range of EU NIAN a practical application-specific solution to today’s stringent manufacturing environment in Plywood Industry.

We offer a full range of application-specific systems and machinery to Plywood Manufacturing Industry. These include:

  • EN-301 Fully Auto Rotary Synchroniser
  • EN-303 Smart In-Line Dryer Veneer Moisture Content Control System
  • SYN-PH Fully Auto Conveyor Synchroniser
  • SYN-LS Conveyor Synchroniser
  • CLP-03 Auto Clipping Control Device
  • GENUS 306i Roller Dryer Veneer MC MAC System
  • GPX-309 Spindleless Lathe Control System
  • TRX-310 Rotary Clipper

We provide 1-stop solution and professional consultancy on small logs/plantation logs processing line that covers:

  • Plant setup
  • Plantation logs machineries
  • Production planning
  • Engineering and maintenance
  • Manufacturing line upgrade and modification

We also have supplies for plywood manufacturing machinery that includes the following:

  • Used and reconditioned traditional plywood manufacturing machinery
  • New plywood manufacturing machineries, including small logs/plantation logs processing line machinery


EU NIAN is a pioneer company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of plywood manufacturing machinery products and solutions provider.