With more than 25 years of hand-on experience in the plywood manufacturing process, EU NIAN is today one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of fully automated system for Plywood Industry. Innovative design, advance technology and state-of-the-art knowledge-based system have made the entire product range of EU NIAN a practical application-specific solution to today’s stringent manufacturing environment in Plywood Industry.

Founded in 1993, EU NIAN was first established in Indonesia by 3 pioneers who respectively were very experience in the field of plywood manufacturing and industrial automation. With hands-on experience in solving problems of individual plywood machinery, the company started her very first product – EN-301 Fully Auto Rotary Synchroniser.

As the market response on EN-301 system from plywood manufacturers were very encouraging, the company started to heavily invest in R&D to create more advance automation systems for the rest of the machinery in plywood manufacturing processing line. In fact, EU NIAN’s founders have contributed heavily to the development of knowledge-based system and Artificial Intelligent system. After several years of hard work, EU NIAN had expanded a full range of systems/machines/solutions that cater the needs for today’s stringent plywood manufacturing environment.

Year Automation System / Machine Objective
1994 EN-301 Fully Auto Rotary Synchroniser Focuses on solving Reeling Conveyor synchronising problem at Rotary Lathe.
2001 EN-303 Smart In-Line Dryer Veneer MC Control System Focuses on tackling 3 major issues in Continuous Dryer:

  1. Veneer moisture content problem.
  2. Synchronising problem in Unreeling, Input Conveyor and Output Conveyor.
  3. Clipping accuracy problem for rapid changes in veneer drying speed.
SYN-PH Fully Auto Unreeling Synchroniser Designed to synchronise the speed between Unreeling and Input Conveyor in Continuous Dryer.
SYN-LS Automatic Conveyor Synchroniser Designed to synchronise the speed between Input Conveyor and Dryer Net in Continuous Dryer.
CLP-03 Auto Clipping Control Device Designed to maintain the clipping accuracy of Air Clipper during rapid changes in veneer drying speed.
2007 GENUS 306i Roller Dryer Veneer MC MAC Control System Aims to optimise core veneer drying in Roller Dryer.
2012 GPXmart 309 Spindleless Lathe Control System Aims to fix the existing problems of Spindleless Machines:

  • Low peeling speed
  • Logs rupture problem
  • High machine failure rate
  • Low machine capacity
  • In-consistent veneer thickness
2013 TRX-310 Rotary Clipper Strives to enhance the clipping speed, clipping accuracy and consistency during rapid speed change.
IE-VS Veneer Core Stacker Aims to cater the needs for high peeling speed of Spindleless Lathe machine with GPX-309 system, and high clipping speed of TRX-310 Rotary Clipper.
Small Logs Processing Line Solution Focuses to provide 1-stop solution for Small Logs/Plantation Logs Processing line by customising a new concept of semi-automatic processing line with higher productivity/worker and lower energy consumption, with the setup of the following machinery:

  • SD Spindleless Debarker
  • Spindleless Lathe with GPX-309 system
  • TRX-310 Rotary Clipper
  • IE-VS Veneer Core Stacker
  • IW Veneer Fiber Breaker
  • Thermal Oil Dryer
  • Thermal Oil Heater
  • Thermal Oil Press Dryer
  • IE Smart Conveyor Systems

EU NIAN is committed to be at the forefront of new technology, including co-ordination with other machine makers that possess their own specific professional. Today, EU NIAN had built up a customer network throughout the whole ASIA. The success behind this is the TRUST that had built up between EU NIAN and her clients by providing value added solutions that had been proven to improve their productivity, recovery, machine efficiency, and most importantly, their profits!

Our Core Businesses

Industrial Automation Systems and Machinery

We offer a full range of application-specific systems and machinery to Plywood Manufacturing Industry. These include:

  • EN-301 Fully Auto Rotary Synchroniser
  • EN-303 Smart In-Line Dryer Veneer Moisture Content Control System
  • SYN-PH Fully Auto Conveyor Synchroniser
  • SYN-LS Conveyor Synchroniser
  • CLP-03 Auto Clipping Control Device
  • GENUS 306i Roller Dryer Veneer MC MAC System
  • GPX-309 Spindleless Lathe Control System
  • TRX-310 Rotary Clipper

Small Logs/Plantation Logs Processing Line Setup and Consultancy

We provide 1-stop solution and professional consultancy on small logs/plantation logs processing line that covers:

  • Plant setup
  • Plantation logs machineries
  • Production planning
  • Engineering and maintenance
  • Manufacturing line upgrade and modification

Plywood Manufacturing Machinery Solution

We have supplies for plywood manufacturing machinery that includes the following:

1. Used and reconditioned traditional plywood manufacturing machinery:

  • Rotary Lathe
  • Net Dryer
  • Roller Dryer
  • Composer
  • Core Builder
  • Glue Spreader
  • Cold Press
  • Hot Press
  • Sizer
  • Sander

2. New plywood manufacturing machineries, including small logs/plantation logs processing line machinery:

  • Spindleless Debarker
  • Spindleless Lathe
  • Veneer Fiber Breaker
  • Core Veneer Stacker
  • Thermal Oil Net Dryer
  • Thermal Oil Heater
  • Thermal Oil Press Dryer

Our Clients

Malaysia (47.4%)
Indonesia (38.6%)
China (10.5%)
Philippine (3.5%)
Latin America & Russia (Progressing)


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.