In plywood manufacturing environment, the most critical problem of a Continuous Dryer is its veneer Moisture Contents (MC) problem. The following collective data (from various Plywood Mills in Malaysia & Indonesia) shows the real facts of this problem:

  • Desired Veneer Moisture Contents: < 40%
  • Over-Drying Veneer: > 55%
  • Under-Drying Veneer: > 5%

The real negative impacts on over-drying veneer are:

  • Low productivity due to slow drying rate.
  • Low recovery due to high veneer shrinkage.
  • High plywood reject ratio due to wavy veneer surface.
  • High glue consumption due to over-drying veneer surface.

EN-303 Smart In-Line Dryer Veneer Moisture Contents Control System has been designed to actively overcome these problems. It is a “Smart” & knowledge-base computer system that combines various sophisticated mathematical models to effectively, continuously & automatically control the speed of Net Dryer “In-Line” with the veneer drying process so as to bring an accurate desired output veneer Moisture Content, & conform to the pre-set MC range for different glue type!

The major contribution of EN-303 system are:

  • Obtain desired (pre-set) output veneer Moisture Content that prevents veneer from under-drying or over-drying.
  • Significant increase in productivity by optimising the dryer efficiency, reducing the rate of veneer re-drying and minimising the lost time due to the changing of veneer with large thickness difference.
  • Gain higher veneer quality/grade by obtaining a perfect drying results with no under-drying or over-drying.
  • Increase in veneer recovery by:
  • Maintaining desired output Moisture Content, & thus minimising veneer contraction. A smaller amount of veneer contraction will bring higher output volume, & thus higher recovery.
  • Preventing veneer from re-drying. Re-dried veneer normally needs to be composed, which faces first-cut & end-cut lost. Besides, its veneer wavy problem causes veneer clipping lost at Auto-Clipper. This will definitely decreases veneer recovery.
  • Saves in glue application by ensuring veneer output Moisture Content falls within the desired range. In fact, only over-drying veneer will absorb larger amount of glue!