GENUS-306i Roller Dryer Veneer MC MAC System (MAC = Monitoring, Analysing and Controlling) is a system that continuously monitors and analyses the moisture content of every single piece of core veneer at Roller Dryer output, and employs the analysis results to automatically control the drying speed of Roller Dryer according to the predefine core veneer MC priority control target.In order to achieve a desired core veneer MC control target, the following parameters are required to be set into the Industrial Embedded Control System:

  1. Core Veneer Thickness setting
  2. Core Veneer Size setting
  3. Core Veneer Output %MC setting
  4. Under-drying Target setting
  5. Over-drying Target setting
  6. Controlled Target Priority setting

Besides, the system also continuously records all real time control results, as well as keeping previous production records for production analysis and planning. All records can be uploaded from the machine into a flash drive. The backup copy of the production data can then be downloaded into an office PC for printout and further analysis.

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  1. A continuous real time MC checking and analysing on every single piece of core veneer makes possible to a real time drying speed control on Roller Dryer according to predefine %MC Setting. This, in turn increases the possibility of maximising Roller Dryer efficiency as well as its capacity. A 10% ~ 15% gain in dryer capacity is achievable by ensuring:
    • A full-fed core veneer into the Roller Dryer at dryer input
    • An uniformity in core veneer thickness and size at dryer input
    • A consistency in steam supply to Roller Dryer
    • A proper working method on discharging full-loaded core veneer at dryer output without stopping dryer operation.
  2. The detailed production data recorded for every working shift provides a strong platform for production analysis and planning. With these data, the user could immediately pinpoints:
    • The working performance between 2 working shifts
    • The lead(s) to an increase/decrease in dryer capacity and efficiency
  3. As GENUS-306i system is capable of separating between fairly under-drying and truly under-drying veneer (by setting 2 different spraying patterns), the user might want to study the possibility of reducing the re-drying rate for these fairly under-drying veneers. The success in trimming the veneer re-drying rate has a profound impact on veneer recovery and overall Roller Dryer productivity.

Other Contributions:

  1. Saves in electricity consumption by optimising Roller Dryer efficiency.
  2. Minimises human errors by automating the drying process.
  3. Upholds core veneer quality by maximising the MC control capability in auto mode.
  4. Makes the dryer operation easy & user-friendly by the application of touch-and-set Human Interface.